Live from the garden with
ms. Smarty plants

The Water Conservation Garden’s virtual-real time programming offers everything teacher love about our garden field trip/assembly, only virtual. Take an adventure with Ms. Smarty-Plants™ to discover the magic of plants, our changing environments, and water capture for conservation!

Each virtual field trip includes a pre-recorded, lesson-specific video with
Ms. Smarty-Plants in the Garden, followed by in -person online classroom instruction. Lessons are paired with a vocabulary sheet, pre and post activities and a Google Review Quiz. To further enhance each student’s experience, a free Ms. Smarty-Plants seed pack will be available for pickup at the water Conservation Garden. Lessons are aligned with Next Generations Science Standards & common core state standards and are designed for grades K-6.

Please select your class grade below to view our lesson plans & schedule your field trip!  *Please be advised we currently have a cap of 35 students per virtual field trip.  Thank you!


Cost: $250/ per class
Duration: 45 minutes
Available: Tuesdays-Fridays

Virtual Field Trip includes:

  • Ms. Smarty-Plants teaching directly to your students
  • Fun, pre-reordered virtual tour of The Water Conservation Garden
  • Engagement among students and breakout sessions for discussion
  • Pre and post resource activities
  • Pre and post resources activities
  • Hosted via ZOOM or platform of your choice. We can send a link or join your class!

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Loved the program, loved all the education my students received and all the knowledgeable staff

Sue McKinnon - 5th Grade - Mendoza Elementary

I’ve been teaching 25 years and this was the best field trip! Awesome staff! Beautiful!

Sally Saltzstein 3rd Grade Teacher - Vista Grade Elementary


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