5th and 6th Grade Virtual Field Trip

  1. SAVE WATER: Collect it, Move it, Use it! Dive into water capture and conservation! Students join Ms. Smarty-Plants™ on a pre-recorded, virtual tour of The Water Conservation Garden to see various methods of collecting, moving, and using rainwater. She covers various ways to capture water in our landscapes through berms, swales, and rain barrels. They will also learn the history of San Diego’s water supply, the water cycle, and what makes water our most precious resource. During the live, classroom instruction with Ms. Smarty-Plants™, students will use breakout groups to discuss specific water capture issues and solutions. In an interactive post activity, “What is Your Water Solution”, students will be asked to apply critical thinking to solve a water flooding problem and design a simple diagram of their solution. Students will gain a greater appreciation for water conservation.    

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    Lesson Plan